Design by Designer 3 Seater Sofas

3 Seater Sofas

Design your luxury living room with our stylish furniture. Our 3 guest Seater style sofas are the perfect accessory for your luxury home. Their authentic design, soft upholstery, and extreme durability make them long lasting furniture. You will love our French style sofa in an elegant reproduction style. 

The chic style shabby seating of this sofa is extremely soft like a luxury mattress. You will get a comfortable feel while sitting on this soft accessory. We love crafting the variety of chic designs, shapes, and styles for your designer living room. You can opt for sofas in two, three, or four seater designs as per your need.

Buy the most authentic designs in quality materials for re-creating the decor in your home.  You can select color, size, and shape that perfectly fit in your space and blends with its decor. Englanderline introduces its shabby soft chic style furniture for your living room. The style of backrest, armrests, and seating is unique and designer. 

Classy Upholstery Options:

Our collection of quality fabric materials gives you a way to buy the best upholstery for your sofa. You can go for Egyptian cotton, velvet, and rich leather. You can select the material you like the most for your chic style shabby lounge. The sofas will remain beautiful for a long time due to its strong frame and rich upholstery. 

There is no compromise in the quality of hardwood and upholstery. These quality materials have long lasting beauty and shine. This is the reason that we are one of the leading sofa manufacturers in the UK. We offer all home décor accessories at our store at good prices and with the highest quality. 

Bespoke Designing:

The bespoke crafting and distress paint finish gives them a gorgeous look. Our French sofas are gorgeous piece for your luxury living room. Some sofas have beautiful button tufting on their backrest and armrests. The various designs have unique shapes of legs, backrest, and armrests. These exceptional items bring beauty and comfort to your living room. 

True French style gives a classy look to your home. Their soft seating and backrest offer ultimate comfort to the sitter. We design these sofas especially for luxury homes, hotels, and mansions. The designer shape of legs, ornate designing under the frame, and rich upholstery give them a rich look. Add a class to your home with these stylish and functional accessories. 


Englanderline has French sofa seats in 3 and 4 seater designs. There are much more sofas in three and 4 seater designs and you can buy the sofa you love the most.

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