Eastman Classic Wooden Beds UK


EnglanderlineLtd presents its whole new range of luxury beds in French design. Our beds with high end headboards are unique creations in premium hardwood. These French beds have classy wooden frame with flawless style carvings. They have beautiful ornamentation on the head.

The rich hand polishing makes them a classic piece of art. It has designer spindle-shaped legs that give it a stylish look. The bespoke polishing and rich veneer finish make them a decor enhancer. You can style your space with these durable beds in French look at a cheap price.

You can add luxury mattress and upholstery to the bed for enhancing its beauty. Add a high class feel with a luxury bed that has a royal headboard. This piece is a hallmark of authentic furniture in the French style. It can add a grand appeal to your comfort zone.

Flawless Designing:

Under the frame carvings and designing on edges give it a flawless decor. These are perfections handcrafted from the kiln-dried hardwood. The designers give an end finish with the rich hand polishing. We design these beds in French finishing style, especially for high profile customers in uk.

These are beauty enhancers for grand villas, mansions, and luxury hotels. Every corner of this stylish bed has detailed carvings of ornate designing. The customers use them to style theirhome’s in uk with matching French wardrobes. This headboard has spindle-shaped columns on both sides.

This gorgeous uk bed with French styling is the best piece to choose. We have a variety of designs in headboards and finishes. You can opt for beds with high or low headboard that suit uk’s style. Rich finishes of dark polishing make them a flawless creation in natural hardwood. This bed has beauty that can highlight the bedroom decor.

Stylish Accessory:

You can pair our stylish bedside tables for completing your bedroom’s décor. These designer beds can enhance the levels of style and comfort in your comfort zone. Their mesmerizing beauty can change the overall appearance of the dwelling space.

These designer items are the choice of customers who want to add a classy feel to their space. Go with this appealing high headboard bed and enhance the appeal of your comfort zone. So get the best bedroom furniture at the best price from Englanderline.


Style your bedroom with beds that can add a true French feel. High quality wooden headboards make these luxury beds perfection for your luxury space.

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