Englander Line Ltd

Englander Line Ltd
  • What do I expect from Englander Line Ltd

    They take care of others advantage with fake promises recently they did a scam worth $3200 where Englander line committed to pay with it’s children swear but later no answer

     Englander Line offer the following services:

    • Low quality fabric
    • Fake Promises
    • Cheat with customer with the politeness Wording 
    • The furniture company will assure a date and later will come with an excuse so be aware from the scam people
    • Copied other websites product model
  • Englander Line LtdWhy it’s important to buy from a genuine website product

    In todays world it’s much necessary to know the genuine supplier in furniture industry as many like Englander line such companies do copy other model and sale them to the customer with high price with using low quality material 

  • Who OWN this Englander Line Ltd

    Oksana Glinska and Ayman Gaballah . Well known for Englander Line Ltd  they recently cheated $3200 so how to keep safe from those people here are their social media profile page which will help you better to away from scammer Ayman Gaballah. Oksana Glinska Managing Director of the company who speak for self with fake commitment here is the profile which will help you to know more about herOksana Glinska. Also offer bespoke luxury furniture where time to time they keep changing price which is another point if they are good with the products quality then consistence price

  • How much does Englander line Ltd  Scam $3200?

    Recently they promised professional who made 800 pages website for them and with tier effort after putting they cheat with fake promising after live website will pay what’s the website url then, here is the sit url here.

    If you’re not sure  about Englander line ltd check company, address get in touch with us. Our furniture experts will help you select the plan that’s best suited for you.

  • Do you have office in UK?

    Of course yes we have a office located currently at  4c Lyon Rd, Wimbledon, London SW19 2RL, United Kingdom get in touch for more details.
  • How to Avoid from these Scam People

    Don’t just trust on their word like they will tell have 50 staff with them while they don’t have even 5 staff within their team company registration number 09355733 / Brand ENGLANDER LINE LTD

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