Finn Side Table UK – A Designer Accessory


The Finn Bedside table is a full round Table and a unique piece from Englanderline. It offers a stylish look to the space you buy it for. Our craftsmen and designers work for making it perfect with their professional skills. Much more shapes and styles with beautiful hand carving you can choose from.

Finding a unique side table for your bed then our next designer tables are perfect bedside essential. Finn round side table is a special accessory from Englander line ltd ’s creations. Our tables for side adorn that next generation style. It comes with a rich veneer finish on its full round table top.

Bespoke Style and Functionality:

It has a stylish single round base with a pedestal that connects its top with the feet area. No common 4 feet design because the round base give it’s a unique and designer look. It is one of the most stylish small side tables in next category and round top design.

Its perfect dimensions make it a perfect fit for any space whether it is small or large. It can add a grand appeal with the bed or sofa you pair it with. It has ability to cater to all your functional needs. You can place your coffeeon this stylish piece as well as decorate it with anything.

Timeless Design:

The pin bowl shape of its pedestal contains two criss-cross planks. This unique base design and subtle polishing give it a gorgeous look. These next generation tables are perfect for occasional use. The rich veneer polishing enhances its beauty a lot more.

The pedestal designing and neat lines on the surface make it one step ahead from other common side tables. The smooth round curves on the table top give it a soft appearance.It has a bold look that can complement any space and make it more functional and stylish.

We craft it from quality solid wood so it is extremely durable and need less maintenance and care. You can clean it with a soft dry cloth and its polish retains its shine for a longer time. This piece is a timeless beauty with a design that never goes out of trend.


Set a functional decor in your home with these next luxury tables for side. Here we have tables for side in that next style and the cabinets will complete the side next to your bed or sofa.

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