French Style Sofa – A French Perfection


French style furniture is well known for its style and classic finish. It combines the formal, traditional as well as classic designing and styles. You can see these perfections in its every single corner that reflects feel of royalty. The unique style of legs and camelback top rail enhance its appearance.

You can say it is truly designed for the people who love luxury and royal furniture. We design it with kiln-dried solid wood that make it highly durable. We believe a quality piece reflects the honest and professional craftsmanship. We at Englanderline do not compromise with quality at all.

You will see style perfections in every corner of this sofa in rich French look. It is for making a useful and long lasting piece of furniture. Long lasting durability, perfect ornate designing make it robust furniture. It is a masterpiece that enhances the beauty of your living room.

Perfect Gold Leaf Designing:

This French piece of sofa in uk is popular for its gold leaf designing style. This featured gilding is all done by our designers with their professional hands. It will give a smooth finish that complements its final look and make it wow. The padded armrests come with comfortable upholstery to give you extra comfort. The most basic themes you can opt between are:

  • The Woodland Theme
  • The Highlighted Flora Style with Smooth and Delicate Carvings.

You can select your desired finish from the available finishes. We design these sofa sets in French style as per the user’s demand. It comes with suitable upholstery and frame finish that matches to their home’s decor. The deep ornate designing with gold finish make it like a royal sofa having a jewel piece.

You can decorate with soft cushions upholstered in velvet to enhance its beauty a lot more. There is a wide range of handcrafted decorations and embellishment. It is available with a range of hand-painted wood finishes. We also perform customization as per the customer’s specifications.

You can select polishing shade and upholstery for your own French style sofa. We provide free delivery within 10 miles of our showroom at Croydon. So get your desired French styling sofa set from our showroom and enhance the appeal of your living place.


Elevate your space with a luxury sofa in that gorgeous French look. Choose a sofa from our French looking sofa sets that style your space and add a true French feel.

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