Silvio Marble Top Console with Mirror


Are you looking for a perfect combo of antique as well as modern style? Then this dressing table is the perfect fit for your choice. It is an example of a true English parsons design styled in antique form.  It is designed in such a way that it perfectly blends with old and new design choices.

Silvio Marble Top Console with Mirror comes with a marble top. The top marble slab is of deep dark color to enhance its beauty. Its long thin cylinder style legs perfectly carry the rectangular marble piece. You will have a feel of royalty while dressing up with such a cool antique dressing table.

There is nothing to measure in its beauty as it is truly beyond the measurement. This handcrafted piece will complement your style and character. Add this masterpiece creation of and enhance the overall look of your bedroom or dressing room. 

Statement Furniture:

You will get an antique as well as modern feel with this antique dressing table. The strong marble on top make this table a timeless piece for your dressing area. It is a statement piece from Englanderline’s house of perfections. It will add class and elegance to your living space.

You will fall in love with its bespoke design and smooth hand finish. Place all your useful essentials on its marble base and get ready for any occasion in minutes. It will make your dressing room even more functional with its marble base table.

Antique Silhouette:

The designing of this gorgeous table for dressing reflects the true antique style. It is one of our top furniture pieces that are choice of most of our clients. Selecting such a durable and remarkable dressing table is a choice of benefit for you.

You will get a robust and durable item with such a precious design. Its perfect size makes it adjustable in any space. It has a desirable beauty that can complement any space. This antique mirror will add an classic silhouette to your home and enhance its appeal.

This antique style table for dressing comes with an embedded mirror. The crystal mirror provides a clear view that reflects your true personality. So select this wonderful designer dressing table for your living place’s enhancement.


Buy exclusive tables for dressing in that royal antique design from one stop shop Englanderline. Set a luxury decor with a marble base table in your dressing room.

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